Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yanni & Juan Gabriel Hasta che te conoci

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Yanni and Juan Gabriel Hasta que te conoci
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  1. This is by far the very best rendtion of this song.
    Juan Grabiel is one of my favorite performers, through the years I have bought all of his records. I have throughly enjoyed his music. I have enjoyed Yanni very much and his music. He has been a real treat for me to listen to his music on PBS and when he has come to Houston.
    To listen to this piece Hasta Que Te Conoci, colobarated between these two performers is simply the best. I am just wondering how Amor Eterno would sound if these two would do the piece together like this song.
    Rudy from Houston

  2. Thanks for your comment...I think their colaboration would be just great, no matters the song...wishing for more :)

  3. It is not Yianni on the piano,but Raul Di Blasio from Argentina.